My Eyesight improved greatly during a 7 day fast May 2021




Below is what I wrote today April 12th, 2022 over on Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD YouTube video:

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I replied:


Yes, fasting in a certain way greatly helped improve my vision.

I was laying in my hammock outside most of each day while on my 7 day fast. First 3 days I drank water only with supplements and greens from our garden made into a tea. 4th through 7th days, in addition to what I was doing on the first 3 days, I began sipping slowly through the day fresh coconut water. During those 7 days, I was looking far towards trees, branches, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, etc. By the middle of the 4th day I was seeing much more clearly. By the 6th day I could see far almost like before I had to wear glasses back in 9th grade. By the 7th day and beyond for around 3 weeks it was if I never had an issue with my eyes in the first place. I could see just about everything perfectly except some types of signage with red color was not as clear. I was also taking a colonic everyday for those 7 days. I’m 55 years old now. I was 53 at that time. I rarely have to wear glasses now when driving except when I get too tired or at night. One more note that I recall: 1.5 years before this I was eating absolutely no sugar or fruit except the last 6 months of that 1.5 years, I would pick a Papaya from our tree about every 3 weeks and eat 1/2 of it and give the other half to our neighbor. I might be been in a ketosis state somewhat during that 1.5 years. That might be why my vision improved rapidly within 3.5 days of that 7 day fast. I just don’t’ know for sure how my vision improved so quickly. But I do know 100% that my vision improved massively and very quickly in those 7 days and beyond for about 3 weeks. Since that time 2 years ago, I have not experienced that almost perfect vision I enjoyed during and about 3 weeks after the fast. I went back to eating a lot of food, fruit. And I haven’t been laying in my hammock like I was. and programming and other things for my work on my computer more than I would like to. So, I’m guessing that is why I have not attained perfect 20/20 vision. I will try to replicate it. I feel strongly I can achieve perfect 20/20 vision near and far perfect vision. I’ll get back with you in the future after I achieve this.

The power of fasting on just water and perhaps lightly sipping coconut water while resting in a hammock looking far at trees, birds, dragonflies, etc. is incredible.

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