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Welcome to a journey of transformation that will challenge conventions!

Whether you identify as a health-challenged individual, a habitual couch-dweller, a recreational athlete, or a seasoned fitness enthusiast; irrespective of gender, age, or lifestyle, this platform harbors invaluable insights for everyone. It's an opportunity for you to kick-start a proactive, health-conscious lifestyle shift.

In my personal journey, I've unlocked significant improvements in my eyesight, conquered apprehensions around kiteboarding, mastered shallow water body surfing, and evolved from an introvert into a more outgoing personality. This website is an endeavor to share those learning experiences with you. As I pen down my insights, you, the reader, aid me in refining my teachings.

Until the age of 51, I was besieged by relentless bouts of debilitating flu and colds. They struck 2-5 times a year, each lasting over a week, with a lingering aftermath of 1-3 weeks. These afflictions eerily coincided with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and once randomly during the year.

In October 2019, I made a radical lifestyle change – eliminating all forms of sugar, including fruits, for a year. I transitioned to a clean diet, consisting of beans, root crops, boiled greens, and whole-grain rice.

Approximately 2-4 weeks into this dietary alteration, I experienced a severe flu episode that endured for five weeks. I teetered on the edge of seeking medical help during the fourth week. But my conviction in it being a "healing crisis" urged me to persevere. Indeed, the dawn of the fifth week signaled the end of my ordeal, and remarkably, I haven't suffered from flu since.

Please note that my experience is individual and may not reflect universally. But having battled repeated bouts of flu and sickness, I was confident in my decision to persist with my new dietary regime.

Post that year, I extended my regimen for another six months, integrating small amounts of papaya from our garden every three weeks. In May 2021, I undertook a seven-day water and coconut water fast. Following this fast, I reintroduced fruits into my daily diet, consumed either in the mornings or evenings, along with occasional snacks.

In the past 3.5 years, I've been remarkably flu-free. Minor colds did crop up due to dietary excesses or unsuitable foods, but I managed to alleviate them by adjusting my meal intake, fasting, napping and returning to a balanced diet.

In conclusion, the correct blend of a healthy diet, adequate exercise, regular fasting, sufficient sleep, and rest can significantly enhance our immunity, shielding us from flu, colds, and potentially other diseases. I stand by this assertion and believe in our innate potential to achieve this state of health.

However, should you decide to adopt my approach, I recommend consulting your healthcare provider. I have always trusted my "inner doctor" - the instinctive voice within me - but I acknowledge that every individual is unique. Thus, utilize your best judgment. When in doubt, discuss your plans with an open-minded, holistic healthcare practitioner, or a medical professional that aligns with your health perspective.

And with that, my disclaimer is candidly presented. Now, the choice is yours. Embrace the journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life!

- Jeff Sellers

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