April 14th 2023: Day 1 of 28-30 Hour Water Fast




Before I began my 28 hour water fast, my wife and I shared some jackfruit a friend gave to us.

Note: This time around, I was attempting to do a 3 day water fast. But I only had it in me to do just 28-30 hours instead. I was feeling hungry, quite uncomfortable, quite low energy. I have a lot of work I wanted to get done including our website here while fasting.  And after the 28-30 hours of fasting on just water, I devoured everything. It was nuts. I had the fish with seaweed my wife made from the night before, oatmeal with raisins, a little coconut milk, some black rice, and several slices of homemade cassava flat bread my wife had made a few days ago. I can fast. I know the massive benefits of it. I’ve experienced the benefits of fasting. Why do overeat after? I’m going to have to study this more. I’m thinking and will try a pinch of sea salt next weekend when I attempt my monthly 3 day fast again.

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