Jeff’s Routine Today Sunday 1/28/2023

Jeff eats a Savory Vegan Breakfast most mornings

Spinach, Vinegar, Sweet Potatoes, Mung Beans and more

  • Local Spinach greens topped with 2 caps Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I eat the greens first. If I try to eat the greens after or during my meal, I tend to forget.
  • Sweet Potatoes (Kamote) plain. High in vitamin A and Beta-carotene.
  • Mung Beans. Last night I rinsed 3 times and soaked in filter water. In morning rinsed 3 more times and filtered water 2 inch above. Pressure cooked 10 minutes. Then ran tap water across top of pressure cooker until red pressure valve went down.
  • Sauted onions, garlic and tomatoes in coconut oil. The higher quality oil made in Mindanao, Philippines.
  • Sliced egg plant and small carrot. It’s what we had in the refrigerator.
  • added mung bea. Sprinkled 2 pinches salt over top.

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