4th Day Whole Foods After 36 Hour Water Fast (Thursday 1/11/2023)




Water! The 2nd Food!

I always start my day right after waking up with about 8 ounces of water with nothing added. Throughout the day I strive for about eight to ten glasses of 8 ounces each of water.

Today's Whole Foods Meals are the following:

  • Boiled Greens
  • Bean Dish
  • Sweet Potatoes, Local Taro, Cooking Bananas (Tagalog Philippines wording: Kamote, Gabi and Saba Saging)

Fresh Whole Foods Ingredients: (I purchased these here at our local market in Palawan, Philippines)

  • Squash (Spanish word is Calabaza)
  • Upo (Bottle Gourd) (Known in the Philippines it is known as Upo, in Korea as Bak, in Japan as Yugao and China as Opo
  • Spring Onions
  • Small Onions


  • Eyesight: tired, but can focus, but not detailed. When I woke up this morning and yesterday objects in the room were somewhat detailed and a little sharp especially the horizontal and vertical "lines" of our windows, wall edges, etc. I rarely wear glasses the past 2.5 years after my 7 day water fast laying around in our outdoors hammock looking far.
  • Sleep: restless because I ate too much food last night. I did really well early on. What I really needed was a good 1 hour nap or even a 9-20 minute power nap in the Hammock (Duyan)

Our Fitness Resistance Bands Arrived Today!

USDA Nutritional Analyses:

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