April 22nd 2023: If You Make an Eating Mistake the Day Before then EAT THIS THE NEXT DAY!




I can't count the number of times I've eaten incorrectly the day before or days or weeks before over the decades for the past 55 years. For me, it might be too much fruit, too much oatmeal, too much chocolate or peanut butter, too much coconut milk or simply too much food.  How about you? Comment below.

For me, I've discovered a whole foods soup to potentially "reverse" some of this incorrect eating. This soup is one of my main "secrets" to preventing sore throat, flus and colds and more!

Ready for my "secret"? Is it something from a can? No way! Is it a soup from a package? Nope! Does it use any human-made ingredients?? For sure not!


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