April 17th 2023: My Daily Routine




6am breakfast leftovers quick meal. Leftover sweet potatoes, taro gabi with white beans, tomato paste, chili powder, soy sauce, olive oil.

At around 8am I had a bowl of muesli with raisins, black rice, a small cacao (no sugar), heaping spoonful of peanut butter. (I try to eat mostly whole foods from Palawan, Philippines. But I do enjoy imported granola/muesli without added sugar/honey, just the fruit, peanut butter and chocolate (pure Cacao with no sugar))

8:30 I had ANOTHER bowl of muesli with many raisins added along with another heaping spoonful of peanut butter. I added some water to this one which made it much better. I have always been a big breakfast and lunch eater. I usually do much better with a large breakfast. However, there are times I prefer to eat just fruit for breakfast early like 7am or 6am if I wake up at 5am. I can skip dinner, but I like a large dinner too. However, I’m trying to do better eating a smaller dinner, earlier in the day or no dinner at all or just a fruit dinner.

Woke up at 4am couldn’t get back to sleep. Just rested. Will take a 1-2 hour nap later today.

After eating breakfast took some pictures of our Acerola plant. These are high in vitamin C.

I skipped my jog/bike ride this morning. I need more sleep for sure. But I will be lifting weights later along with farmers carry, hanging from the bar (dead hang and active hanging), pull ups, pushups, squats, etc.)

I invited some friends over this Friday for resting in our hammocks while looking far at the trees, leaves, birds, dragonflies. Her 18 year old son recently began wearing glasses the past year. I told her there might be a better way. The potentially better way is similar to this with an emphasis of being outside more looking far and near within nature: “Behavioral optometry which is a system of eye care that emphasizes visual training as a way to improve the way a patient uses his or her eyes.”

While we were swimming yesterday, I noticed her son was intensely looking at his phone without looking away at far objects. Even in the pool he was having a hard time relaxing his eyes. Most likely, he’ll remember a little bit how it feels to have relaxed vision while resting in the hammock.

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  • https://www.ot-mom-learning-activities.com/behavioral-optometrist.html

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